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RNFI Bank provides the best service to CSP customers if you want to set up your own employment. In which you can earn good profits by investing at least capital. So for this you can start your business by taking RNFI franchise.
People residing in village towns have to go to cities for transaction of money or to avail any banking related services where they have to take long lines and sometimes such problem occurs. That the officials of the banks defer and customers may have to face trouble.

Keeping this in mind, RNFI now provides all banking related services to you in villages and towns whose franchisees can earn you good profits.Read the article carefully for complete information about how to take this franchise and how much you can earn from it.

rnfi services important point 2022

Artical NameRNFI services | RNFI Commission chart pdf
Service RNFI services
Service Type B2B, AEPS services
Beneficiary All Indian Citizens
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is RNFI?

RNFI is a company that provides you with b2b and b2c and banking related services whose franchisees you can set up your own employment, here you can withdraw money, transfer money, electricity bill deposit, water bill deposit, Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, insurance insurance, and many other types of services are given here.

Who can take RNFI franchise?

To take this franchise, you have to follow some simple rules, which are given below.

Generally, the franchise of RNFIs can be taken by any common Indian citizen who fulfills the following conditions.

  • The person should be a resident of India.
  • Must have knowledge of computer.
  • Should have banking information.
  • Must have passed High School or Intermediate.
  • There should be a shop of its own.
  • No person can take this franchise, on which any legal action is going on or who has committed a crime, such a franchise will not be given to such a person.

Documents required to take RNFI franchise

If you want to take this franchise, then you must have the following documents, only then you can take advantage of it.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Bank passbook
  • Fingerprint device
  • mobile number
  • E mail ID
  • Passport size photo
  • Kyc video

If you want to get the ID of RNFI, then you have to submit the following documents only then you can become RNFI agent

RNFI Service List?

As we can tell you here that RNFI is a banking sector linked platform where you are given the benefit of banking related services where you are provided with the following services that you can do through your franchise You can earn good profits by reaching.

  • Cash withdrawal
  • money transfer
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Cash Deposit (Only ICICI Bank)
  • Bill payment
  • mobile recharge
  • Mini atm
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

rnfi registration | How to become an RNFI agent

If you want to establish your own employment by joining with RNFI, then you have to adopt the following procedure to take its franchise.

For taking RNFI franchise you have to pay a nominal fee, after this you are given its user ID and password. You can login by visiting the RNFI website with the help of this user ID and password, after that you can give all the information given there. Services can be availed

To take all the franchises, you will have to go to its official website, there you will have to contact the sales manager by contacting the contact, whoever has their SIM will help you to get the ID and will give you the agent ID easily.

RNFI Distributor Registration How to become an RNFI distributor

If you want to become a distributor of RNFI and earn profit by associating with it, then for this you will first have to go to the official website of RNFI and go there and find the contact number of the sales team. As we can tell you that you have to invest some money to become a RNFI distributor, only then you are given a distributor ID and you can make an agent in your rural or urban area by taking a distributor ID.

And when your agents work, you are paid a good commission on each agent, then the more agents you make, the more you will be paid.

How To rnfi login ?

  • To login RNFI ID first go to the RNFi Login.
  • After successfully going to school, you have to click on the login button.
  • After this you have to enter your RNFI Login ID and Password here.
  • After entering the ID password, you have to login to RNFI.
  • After RNFI login, you will start seeing all the services inside it.
  • Now you can avail RNFI Banking service.

RNFI Commission chart 2021 pdf ?

If you want to know how much commission is paid in RNFI, we are going to give you complete information about the commission here. You are paid a good commission on every transaction and here the company set a good commission on top of all the services Has happened

RNFI AEPS Commission list?

If you run RNFI company’s AEPS service and do money withdrawal work through Aadhar card, then here you have been shown RNFI AEPS commission chart, from here you can see the information of RNFI AEPS commission chart

TransactionRetailer Commission
501-1000RS. 1
1001-1500RS. 2
1501-2000RS. 3
2001-2500RS. 5
2501-3000RS. 6
3001-3500RS. 7
3501-MoreRS. 8

RNFI MINI ATM Commission list?

If you run an ATM given by RNFI company, then here you have been told about the commission you will get on mini ATM, how much commission is given if you transact with RNFI mini ATM

TransactionRetailer Commission
200-999RS 0.82
1000-1499RS  2
1500-1999RS  3
2000-2499RS  4.5
2500-2999RS 5.5
3000-3499RS 10
3500-moreRS 7.5

RNFI Money Transfer Commission list ( RNFI DMTcommission chart ? )

Dear friends, here you have been told about RNFI DMT commission chart, how much commission does RNFI company charge on DMT transfer

TransactionRetailer Charge

Relipay Mobile Recharge Commission list( RNFI Commission chart)?

Agent0.1%0.1 %

RNFI की सेवाओं में आपको यह कमीशन दिया जाता है अगर आपको RNFI services यूज करने में किसी भी प्रकार की समस्या आती है तो आप आरएनएफआई की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर जाकर संपर्क कर सकते हैं और आपको यह जानकारी कैसी लगी यह है मैं कमेंट बॉक्स में बताएं|

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